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There’s ”...a feeling of comfort and happiness every time we walk through our front door.”

Phillip and Michaela met at the University of New Mexico, where she was a business major and he was a star Lobos basketball player.

They married soon after graduation and a year later, welcomed their first child. At the time they were living with Michaela’s mother in her Albuquerque home. Phillip worked as the night manager at Enterprise Car Rental and Michaela loved having her mom right there to help with the baby.

Soon their life took a major change. Phillip was offered a position playing professional basketball in Sweden, so with their young son they moved across the Atlantic. Michaela was pregnant with their second child at the time. The challenges of being so far from home, pregnant and with a toddler are clear memories for Michaela. They didn’t have a car so she walked everywhere, pushing her son’s stroller through the snow. She recalls good-naturedly that she was always really cold, but also in terrific shape during her pregnancy! Mostly she remembers how she couldn’t wait to come back home and be close to her mom again.

After about 4 months in Sweden, they decided it was time to come back to Albuquerque and buy a home of their own. It was important to Michaela that they buy something close to her mom. She missed spending time together and the extra support with a toddler and baby would be a wish come true for their family.

Friends recommended that they go to Homewise to get started. With the support of their Homewise Home Purchase Advisor, Yolanda, they spent a year working on becoming financially ready to buy a home. They developed a plan to work on their credit and debt and made great strides during that year toward achieving their goal. When they were ready, Ambrose, their Homewise Realtor, helped them find the perfect place. Michaela described herself as quite “picky” and said she knew exactly what she wanted. She was willing to wait for the right place to come along, and after 10 months of looking, they finally found it.

Phillip and Michaela bought a newly constructed home just down the street from her mother’s house. Their children would grow up near grandma in their hometown, just like they wanted. And now they are taking the same careful approach to settling in. Michaela is taking her time furnishing and decorating one room at a time, creating a home that is exactly what they want.

When asked what they love most about their new home, Phillip and Michaela both agree: “Having a place we can truly make our own gives us a feeling of comfort and happiness every time we walk through our front door.”


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