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Homewise is excited to announce a new research and public policy initiative called Homewisdom, which launched on Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Homewisdom provides data, insights, and policy recommendations to help close the homeownership gap in New Mexico and across the country. Homewisdom will seed new collaborations, produce research-driven reports, and bolster the work of policymakers, CDFIs, and communities working to strengthen homeownership. 

“Homewisdom is about sharing what we have learned so that other communities can adopt best practices,” said Homewise CEO Mike Loftin.

Loftin is working closely with Kelly O’Donnell, Director of Homewisdom, to spearhead this national project. 

Loftin and O’Donnell share their ambitions for this initiative on Homewisedom in this brief video: What is Homewisdom?

Learn more about Homewisdom and the work we are doing via our new website at: www.homewisdom.org 


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