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As a designated NeighborWorks Green Organization, we infuse green principles throughout our operations, programs and services. NeighborWorks America provides this designation to Chartered Members that meet criteria designed to assess an organization’s use of best practices in creating and promoting healthy and sustainable homes and communities.

Organizational Commitment

Throughout our organization, we are committed to healthy, green, sustainable practices to benefit residents and our entire community. Our strategy is to infuse as many of our operations as possible – from education to construction – with cutting-edge green strategies appropriate for our organization, our customers and our community.


For us, going green makes economic, environmental and productive sense.  We use the following sustainable business practices in our day-to-day operations:

  • Use ENERGY STAR labeled office equipment
  • Installed drought-resistant native landscaping to reduce our water use
  • Purchase secondhand office equipment whenever possible
  • Recycle all office paper, aluminum, glass and plastic.

Homeownership Education and Counseling

Our organization emphasizes high-quality education and counseling for homeowners at all stages. Homewise focuses on homeowner success for the long-term, so integrating green elements in our education and counseling programs helps clients make more informed decisions and live in homes that are healthier for themselves and their families, and be more efficient and financially sustainable over time.


Our home improvement lending products are designed to allow for green rehab and retrofits of existing homes. Residents who qualify for the Home Improvement Loan Program can make energy saving home improvements to their home.  Homewise offers 4% fixed rate financing for up to a 30-year term on energy saving home improvements such as roof repair or replacement, stucco with insulation, windows and doors, high efficiency furnaces, energy efficient cooling systems, solar electric, solar hot water, insulation, and water catchment and drip irrigation systems.

Please visit our offices at 1301 Siler Road, Building D, Santa Fe; call us at 983-WISE (9473)or email us at info@homewise.org to set up an appointment with our staff.  You can also get additional information on the program and an application to get started.

New Construction

At Homewise, we put our green beliefs into action.  Homewise Homes™ are quality built for long-term affordability, comfort and enduring value. By using the simplest green technologies available, the long-term maintenance and operating costs are reduced. Your Homewise Home™ is designed with quality energy features that use less energy and water and fewer natural resources and provides a healthier, safer and more comfortable environment for your family.

From a macro perspective, this commitment pays off substantially for homeowners and renters – and the entire community – in terms of:

  • Environmental benefits, through enhanced and protected biodiversity ecosystems; improved air and water quality; reduced waste streams; and conserved and restored natural resources
  • Economic benefits, through reduced operating costs, the creation, expansion and reshaped markets for green products and services; and improved occupant productivity.
  • Social benefits, through enhanced occupant comfort and health; heightened aesthetic qualities; minimized strain on local infrastructure; and improved overall quality of life.
  • In our green building program, we have brought these concepts to life in our community, with a positive impact on bricks and mortar as well as the people who live there.

Homewise is a Chartered Member of NeighborWorks America. The NeighborWorks Green Organization designation is recognition of our comprehensive commitment to sustainable operations. NeighborWorks America awards the designation to organizations that have met a set of green achievement criteria that covers an organization’s overall management and office operations as well as the programs of the organization that are covered by the NeighborWorks Green Organization Guidelines. For more information on the NeighborWorks Green Organization Program, see neighborworks.org.


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