Sign up for an Eligibility Determination Session appointment.

To sign up for an appointment visit, https://datasafecube.com/liftnewmexico

Read the LIFT Electronic Disclosure Consent.  If you agree to the Consent, type your email in the box on the screen and click “I Agree.”

After you click “I Agree,” you will be sent an email from DataSafeCube. You will receive a copy of the Electronic Consent to the email address you provided to keep for your records.

Now you will be able to select the appointment date, language and time.

Select the appointment of your choice.


Please note the following:

Once you hit “Select” you will then be taken to a new screen to enter your information.

Once you have entered all of the information, hit “Request Appointment.”

After scheduling the Eligibility Determination Session appointment, you will receive an email from Homewise with a link requesting your purchase & sales agreement and pre-approval letter from a LIFT Approved Lender. These documents must be submitted within 24 hours of requesting your appointment.

Next steps. 

Once you have submitted the two required documents, you will receive an email stating the appointment has been confirmed.

Failure to upload the documentation will result in the appointment being rescheduled. 

Contact Homewise.
Email: info@homewise.org
Santa Fe Office:  (505) 983-9473 Albuquerque Office:  (505) 243-6566