◀︎return to newslistMural aims to beautify, revitalize Barelas neighborhood

August 11, 2019 – 

Weaver Ross is highlighting the unique culture of the Barelas neighborhood. “I have been working with the community, and I hope to make them proud and happy with the results and to reflect back on themselves,” Weaver Ross said.

She is behind the massive mural on the side of the Homewise Orpheum building off 2nd and Coal. It is a development hub with a goal to revitalize the historic downtown, railyard and Barelas neighborhoods.

The mural pays homage to the iconic railyards, film industry, traditional weddings and more. The depictions were taken from real photos provided by the Barelas Neighborhood Association. “The woman who gave me the picture… her father is one of the workers,” Weaver Ross said. “These are real people who worked at the railyards at the time of its height.”