◀︎return to newslistSanta Fe City Council approves proposal to ease guesthouse restrictions

June 27, 2019 – 

Mike Loftin, executive director of Homewise Inc., a nonprofit that helps low- and moderate-income people purchase homes, said of the proposal, “It’s not going to cause an influx of slumlords or destroy our neighborhoods. In a very modest way, it will contribute to affordable housing while being sensitive to our neighborhoods.”

The proposal doesn’t require guesthouses to meet the city’s guidelines for affordable housing — a point that Councilor Signe Lindell emphasized.

City Councilor Peter Ives, also a sponsor of the proposal, said elected officials have recognized a housing crisis in Santa Fe for years but haven’t tackled the issue as aggressively as it needed to.

“We lose our young people because they cannot afford to live in our city,” he said.