◀︎return to newslistSanta Fe School District teachers can get help buying homes

February 9, 2022 – 

For people all around the country, it’s tough to buy a house or find something affordable.

A new initiative in Santa Fe is trying to make it easier for teachers to buy a home.

“It’s daunting, it can be scary,” Carina Leon Calderon said about the homebuying process.

Leon Calderon works at Homewise in Santa Fe, she went through the process herself

But now she is helping teachers in Santa Fe become homeowners.

“We talk you through the whole process from getting you started. And if you have all your ducks in a row we can get your pre-approved. If you don’t like it, many of us don’t or didn’t help you,” Leon Calderon said.

While the current median home price in Santa Fe is more than $500,000.

This new program is only for educators at the Santa Fe School District.

The selection process of who is eligible for the down payment money depends on several factors.

“Based on your household size, based on the location, but based on the income limit we verify if you qualify. If you qualify we try to help you as much as I can,” Leon Calderon said.

All of this because one person who wanted to stay anonymous donated $400,000.

“We had a donation from someone who is really interested in helping teachers within the Santa Fe School District to get into homes.”

With that money used as a down payment, 10 or more teachers are going to be able to become homeowners.

If someone doesn’t qualify for this specific program Homewise also has other programs that can help with homeownership.

A spokesperson with SFPS says they’re happy to see this as another tool to help with getting more teachers the opportunity to buy housing.