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October 24, 2019 – 

Sometimes, new neighbors move in quietly, perhaps shake a few hands, and then pretty much keep to themselves for years on end. Others invite the entire block over for parties, make a point of learning everybody’s name, show up at the door with banana bread just because, and quickly wind up serving on five different neighborhood association subcommittees.

Homewise, the nonprofit mortgage lender founded in 1986, falls into that last category. It bought the former Orpheum Theater in 2017, pulled off a massive renovation, and over the summer opened it up as a headquarters plus “community hub” with meeting spaces that groups and members of the public can book. It also bought and renovated the B. Ruppe Drugs building on 4th and is currently seeking tenants there. Meanwhile, it’s busy identifying local distressed residential properties that would be good candidates for purchasing and fixing up.