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November 17, 2021 – 

The Season Finale of the Green in Action Podcast Features Homewise’s Green Leadership

We are proud to announce that insights from Daniel Slavin, the Senior Director of Real Estate Development, and Carl Davis, Construction Manager for the Community Development Department, are featured in the new “Sustainable Homeownership: Transforming Communities” episode of Green in Action, a new podcast! Green in Action, hosted and executive produced by Kimberly Vermeer, President of Urban Habitat Initiatives, celebrates green leadership in affordable housing.

How can green building address housing affordability, community stability, and climate? “Sustainable Homeownership: Transforming Communities” tells the story of Homewise grew to meet these challenges in New Mexico. Tune in for the story of our organizational transformation from focusing on mortgage financing and homebuyer education to building community wealth through developing housing and commercial space – and all of it informed by our commitment to sustainability and climate resilience. This episode includes a close look at our project El Camino Crossing in Santa Fe, (a case study from Blueprint for Greening Affordable Housing, Revised Edition), The Rupee commercial redevelopment in Albuquerque, and our community-building practices in both cities.

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How do green building practitioners navigate the complex work of building sustainable affordable housing? Kimberly Vermeer explains: “I want the Green in Action podcast to be a place where we can learn from each other and create a community that’s committed to advancing equity through sustainable, resilient, and affordable housing.”