Voice of Siler Rufina Nexus

If you live in the Siler Rufina Nexus (between Cerrillos Road and Agua Fria, and Maez Road to the East and Avenida de Montoya to the West), please submit your response for a chance to win a $100 gift card to Smith’s. Don’t forget to include your address and submit your response!


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Who is Homewise and why do we exist?

At Homewise, our mission is to help people achieve their dream of homeownership. We do this through our comprehensive real estate and lending services designed to support working families and individuals. We also develop communities that are affordable to a variety of incomes in order to meet the incredible demand for affordable housing in Santa Fe. We are a nonprofit lender, also known as a Community Development Finance Institution (or CDFI for short). Any profits we make on our developments come back to the organization to support our mission. 


We want to hear from residents!

At Homewise, we use a participatory planning approach to guide our development decisions. At its core, this approach is all about listening to residents as we plan for and construct new development projects. For example, Homewise conducted a nationally vetted resident survey in Barelas, one of Albuquerque’s oldest neighborhoods, in 2020. In response to learning that residents identified both childcare services and workforce development as priority needs for the community, we have engaged in commercial redevelopment projects with a 5-star woman-owned childcare development center and the Street Food Institute, a nonprofit dedicated to growing local food businesses.

Barelas Central Kitchen (drawing only)

Homewise is conducting the Voice of Siler Rufina Nexus Survey to help understand the needs and perceptions of the community through the eyes of its residents. Canvassers will survey residents about topics like quality of life, safety, available services, and perceptions about the future of the neighborhood.

Homewise and an independent evaluator will compile information gathered from the resident survey into a report and will share both the report and key findings with neighborhood residents, businesses, and organizations.


What is Homewise building in the Siler Rufina Nexus?

The Siler Rufina Nexus is a diverse and fast growing neighborhood with a commercial sector that is unique to Santa Fe. The neighborhood, as shown in the map below, stretches between Cerrillos Road and Agua Fria, and is bound by Maez Road to the East and Avenida de Montoya to the West.

El Camino Crossing, our first development in the neighborhood, offers high-quality, energy efficient homes and  live/work opportunities in close proximity to neighborhood friendly businesses. Located on the historic Camino Real, El Camino Crossing offers easy access to all parts of Santa Fe as a walkable and bikeable community in the heart of the revitalization of the Siler and Agua Fria corridors. The development includes 40 single-family homes, 13 condominiums, 20 live-work spaces that accommodate mixed commercial and residential uses, and two commercial buildings along Agua Fria.

The Rufina Project at 2868 Rufina Road is coming soon to Santa Fe’s transforming Siler Rufina Nexus district. With an urban mix of for-sale housing options, green space, and commercial rentals, the project will benefit Homewise buyer ready clients, small businesses, artisans, and makers. Complementing the district with an urban mix of daytime and nighttime activity, the Rufina Project will boast a mix of housing, open space, and commercial activity. A healthy mix of affordable and market rate for-sale homes will offer ultimate flexibility to Homewise clients.