18 Things to Consider When You are Looking for a Home

Is looking for a home becoming overwhelming? It doesn’t need to be. The first home you buy is probably not going to be your last.  Your first home doesn’t need to be your perfect dream home, but it can be a fantastic starting point.  Here are some questions to consider when looking for your home.

  1. Do you like the neighborhood?
  2. Are the homes in the neighborhood well maintained?
  3. Does the house have enough bedrooms and bathrooms?
  4. Is there enough storage space?
  5. Are there good schools in the area?
  6. Is the location of the house convenient?
  7. Is the quality of the structure sound (roof, foundation, etc.)?
  8. Is the quality of mechanical structures good (plumbing, heating, electrical systems)?
  9. Does the floor plan suit your lifestyle?
  10. Are the sizes of the rooms and home adequate to meet your needs?
  11. Is the house energy efficient?
  12. Are the grounds easily cared for?
  13. What community services are available (ambulance, fire, police, garbage, water)?
  14. Are there recreational facilities nearby?
  15. Are there good resale possibilities?
  16. What are the average utility and maintenance costs?
  17. Are there Homeowners’ Association fees?  Have they risen in the last two years?  How much do they typically rise each year?
  18. Can you and your family be happy living here?

It’s helpful to rank your priorities.  What does your top 5 wishlist include?

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