Home Renovation Program

Learn about our Home Renovation Program

Homewise purchases empty homes and completes a high quality renovation, with an eye on energy efficiency and durability. We then work to sell the home to low-to-moderate income clients, often providing down payment assistance that helps make the purchase more affordable. We focus our program on key neighborhoods, such as Barelas, South Broadway and the International District, where increased successful homeownership can help to stabilize the surrounding area and improve property values.

Check out our recent projects:

Alamosa Neighborhood

This single-family home located in Alamosa, a neighborhood in southwest Albuquerque, was vacant for years. After foreclosure, Homewise purchased the home in an online auction. The Homewise Renovations team started working on this renovation project in March, 2019 and finished the high quality home renovation five months later. This durable, energy-efficient, affordable home has helped increased the surrounding property values and improve public safety.

Southwest Area of Albuquerque

This single-family home located in the southwest area of Albuquerque was built in 1940. After foreclosure, the Homewise Renovations team purchased the house at an auction and started restoring and rebuilding the home. This beautifully renovated affordable house has high quality, durable finishes with energy efficient features. The renovation of the home has helped to stabilize the surrounding area and improve property values.

International District of Albuquerque

This single family home located in the international district, one of the most ethnically diverse areas in the entire state, was built in 1952 and sits across from a local school. The District 6 Coalition brought this property to the attention of the Homewise Renovations team because the neglected property was at risk to the neighborhood. The Homewise Renovations team purchased the home in an online auction and immediately started working to rehabilitate the abandoned property. Now this completely remodeled home is no longer a hazard to the neighborhood or local members of the community who send their children to school in the area.