Akasha’s Story: A Second Chance

Akasha spent the first eight years of her life living at a puppy farm. She was in need of medical care and the farm owners decided that she was too old to continue living there so they placed an ad in the paper to give her away.

Originally Akasha went home with a nice elderly woman but it became evident she wouldn’t be able to care for an aging dog in need of medical care. That’s when Akasha met a very sweet and loving woman named Angel who took her home, and her second chance at life began.

It was love at first sight for Akasha and Angel, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. They moved around a lot, but Akasha always adjusted to her new place with her adopted ‘Mom.’ They even lived in Angel’s car for a while, but Akasha didn’t mind as long as they were together. One day they moved into a beautiful, spacious home. It even had a back-yard! Akasha had never lived in a home with so much space and wasn’t quite sure what to think of it or how to act. Her Mom appeared to love it because for weeks Akasha would catch her dancing around in joy! Over time Akasha settled in and became comfortable that it was truly their forever home.

Now Akasha loves living in her new home. She takes long, uninterrupted naps in a perfect sunny spot in the backyard. She’s also making friends with the neighborhood cat, Miss Kitty, who likes to follow Akasha around and take naps with her on the couch. Miss Kitty’s favorite pastime is also napping so they have a lot in common. Miss Kitty is homeless, and Akasha and her Mom know what that feels like, so she is welcome to hang out and even sleep in the house at night.

At 19 years old, Akasha has experienced many adventures in her life. She has lived in several different places and different kinds of homes, but to Akasha, the best kind of home is a forever home.

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