An artist finds their home in pecos

Myriah, a queer bi-racial-black artist, has their roots in Bloomington, IN, a semi-rural, semi-urban Midwest university town with nurturing spaces for academics, artists, musicians, athletes, environmental enthusiasts, and more. “I grew up in a hippy house, doing art, listening to bluegrass, jazz, and boogiewoogie played by my parents, and my mom even sent me to fairy camp when I was 6 or 7,” they noted with a smile. These early experiences not only fueled Myriah’s sense of adventure, but also fostered their artistic imagination and love for gardening, two traits that their future home would need to reflect.

After their parents divorced, Myriah was fortunate to grow up in the homes of both parents, and aspired to one day be a homeowner their self. Moving to Philadelphia as an adult, the apartment Myriah lived in was exorbitantly priced despite its leaking ceiling. They began to wonder why they were paying so much money for a space that was falling apart. Myriah recognized that it may be cheaper to own rather than rent, if they could pull it off.

Having previously visited a friend in New Mexico in 2022, and upon realizing the big city wasn’t a great fit for them, Myriah decided to relocate from Philadelphia and buy a home near Santa Fe to not only fulfill their dream of living in the mountains, but also to invest in their financial future. They literally Googled ‘best mortgage lenders in Santa Fe’ and became acquainted with Homewise. “I saw that Homewise was a nonprofit, built affordable homes, and did a lot of really cool stuff for the community,” they recalled. Feeling a connection, Myriah decided to give Homewise a call.

Myriah had no prior experience applying for a loan, and was grateful for the step-by-step guidance they received throughout the entire home purchase process. “The number one thing I learned is how equity works,’ they shared. “My credit was in a good spot when I came to Homewise—though I received tips to make it even better and improve my purchasing power.” The importance of building equity, however, was a big eye-opener, and will be vital when it comes to creating personal wealth and even purchasing their next home. Anda, their Home Purchase Advisor, was “ready and excited to teach me and never made me feel burdensome. In fact, she encouraged my curiosity and was incredibly patient.”

Myriah also appreciated the real estate team, who took the time to inquire about their interests, personality, and what they were looking for in a home. They credit their Realtor®, Pricy, for making it easier to search for a home from across the country. “Pricy went above and beyond by driving out to properties and videotaping house tours to share with me.”

Myriah ultimately purchased a unique A-frame house in Pecos, NM, a beautiful drive just north of Santa Fe, with a wood burning stove and ample space for outdoor gardening. While Myriah felt nervous and giddy on their path to homeownership, they now feel very proud of what they have accomplished. During a recent visit, they were delighted to catch their mom with her hands on her hips looking around with pride. Myriah’s new home is a wonderful gathering place for loving family and friends, and their partner Jacob, who will soon be moving from out east to live with Myriah in Pecos.

Myriah’s advice for anyone who is considering homeownership is to take the time to learn about the home buying process. They point out that it is not as straightforward as it seems and it takes time to learn. They encourage everyone to do their homework: talk to family members about their experience buying their first house, talk to an experienced friend or colleague, and absolutely use the abundant educational resources that Homewise offers.

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