Anything is Possible: Adrianna and Rosy

Adrianna and Rosy came to Homewise in the spring of 2014. They had several friends who purchased their homes through Homewise, and decided it was time to check it out for themselves.

They were at a point in their lives where they wanted to start investing in a more permanent and stable future, and owning their own home was part of that vision. They talked and dreamed of owning a home for years, but never believed it was something they could really accomplish— until now.

Their first step was to meet with Homewise Home Purchase Advisor Victoria to learn more about what they needed to do to become financially ready to buy a home. Their number one priority was working on credit. They had quite a bit of credit card debt, and before they could buy a home they needed to work on paying it down, and stop charging their cards back up again.

Adrianna remembers that at first the process “felt like an endless battle, seeing how much we would have to pay off felt discouraging.” But with the help of Victoria, they developed a workable plan and set smaller goals and milestones along the way. Rosy remembers that having the whole process broken up into shorter steps “gave us a stronger determination to hit our goal because we knew we were making progress.”

After a year of hard work and dedication to their goal, Adrianna and Rosy were ready to begin looking for their home. Adrianna remembers meeting Aaron, their Homewise Realtor, for the first time. “I told Aaron I was going to be very picky about the house and wouldn’t settle for anything less than perfect.” Rosy laughed, recalling that she was “scared for Aaron, and myself. Adrianna had a specific list of what she wanted and I felt like we might never find the house that suited us both.” As it turned out, Adrianna and Rosy both fell in love with the first house Aaron showed them, and they made an offer and signed a contract that very same day.

The beginning of the loan process was an anxious time for Adrianna and Rosy. Everything they were working so hard for was finally becoming a reality, and they felt like there was just so much to learn and do. Attending the Homebuyer Education workshop at Homewise was a big help in making them feel prepared and ready for the process.

When it came time to close on their home, they understood exactly what to expect and their anxiety turned to excitement as they signed their closing papers. Adrianna described the feeling as “Surreal! There are really no words to describe that feeling of getting the keys to our home and knowing we were officially homeowners.” Rosy adds, “I was on Cloud 9. The day we became homeowners will always be on our calendar as a day to celebrate!” Both Adrianna and Rosy admit that they sometimes still catch themselves wondering if their home is really theirs, and when they remember it is real, they feel that excitement all over again.

These days, they prefer to stay home on the evenings and weekends and sit back and admire what they have accomplished. As avid Denver Bronco’s fans, there’s nothing they enjoy more than watching the game with family and friends in their very own living room. Sharing their pride in their home and their team is “just pure bliss.” For Adrianna and Rosy, the experience of owning their own home can be summed up in just three words: “Anything is possible.”

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