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“The best part of being a homeowner is that I save money every time I pay my mortgage because I am investing in a home that I will be able to pass down to my children.”

Patrick and Esperance were forced to flee their home during the Republic of the Congo Civil War in 1999.

They found themselves living a transient life among other Refugees in Uganda for 13 years while waiting for approval to resettle in the United States. When they received their letter of acceptance, they knew their life and the lives of their children would change forever.

Esperance and Patrick came to Albuquerque in March of 2014 in search of stability and a safe place to call home. They settled into an apartment and found employment with the help of Lutheran Family Services (a refugee resettlement agency and Homewise partner). They decided to pursue homeownership to avoid rent increases and start their journey toward financial stability.

Although it wouldn’t be easy, owning a home would be an investment in their future and provide a safe place to raise their family. Esperance and Patrick started by seeking out the resources available to them, such as financial literacy programs provided by Lutheran Family Services. After a year and a half of learning and saving, it was time to use their new financial habits to help them achieve homeownership.

Patrick and Esperance were introduced to Homewise in March of 2017 and met with RobbieAnn, their Home Purchase Advisor. As new Americans, they faced obstacles of establishing their work history and building credit. Overcoming these obstacles would take time and patience, but they didn’t want to just wait around. They took action and made it happen by attending the Homewise Homebuyer Education workshop, paying off two vehicle loans and opening a secure credit card. Because of their proactive efforts, they quickly became prequalified and ready for the next step.

The time had finally come to find a home of their own. They worked with a Homewise Realtor, who was ready to support their quick pace toward that goal. They saw three homes in one day and the third home was the charm for Esperance and Patrick! Their dream was coming to life and their hard work was all worth it. It took two and half years to prepare to become homeowners and just one day to find their perfect home. Esperance said “It felt like a dream!”

In January of 2018, four years after resettling in the U.S., Esperance and Patrick became homeowners. Through hard work and de-termination they were able to make their vision of the American dream a reality and achieve greater financial stability. To Patrick, the best part of being a homeowner is that “I save money every time I pay my mortgage because I am investing in a home that I will be able pass down to my children.” Esperance added her advice to anyone who would like to become a homeowner, “Be patient, save your money and seek out the great resources available through Homewise!”


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