Be on the alert. Did someone recently inform you that you are in foreclosure? Unfortunately, that may be a trick.

Homewise has learned that people in New Mexico are being cheated out of their homes. Thieves are telling homeowners they need to fill out paperwork to prevent a foreclosure. If you are not careful or sign any documents they send you, you may give up ownership of your home. If you have a loan with Homewise, please get in touch with us FIRST. Don’t answer any emails, letters, or calls about foreclosures or sign any documents—until you have verified if the foreclosure is accurate. Homewise can tell you if your loan is up to date or if there is a problem. We are happy to help! You can call us: 505.983.9473 and ask for loan servicing or email You worked hard to get your house. Hold on to your home! We are here for you—please get in touch. – Your Homewise Team