From House to Home: a Place to Share

Patrick knew from the time he was a teenager and first began to taste independence that someday he wanted to own a home of his own.
Learning how to save money and plan for a financially solid future was a big part of his upbringing, and owning a home was an important piece of that plan. From an early age, his parents emphasized financial responsibility and taught Patrick how to establish good spending and saving habits. When Patrick was ready to buy a home, he was starting the process on solid financial footing and was soon ready to begin searching for the perfect place.

To Patrick, thinking about home brought up fond memories of his family hosting Thanksgiving dinners. Relatives would travel in from all over the country and his dad would cook the turkey. With a family full of musicians, there were plenty of instruments around and the evening would inevitably end with an impromptu jam session. Patrick wanted to bring that same kind of energy to his own home and make it a place where family and friends could gather to hang out, play music, and spend time together. He wanted to find a place where people would always feel comfortable and welcome.

In addition to being a Homewise client, Patrick is also one of several local artisans who is a member of the Homewise Homes Artisan Program, an initiative that showcases local New Mexico artisans with specially designed items exclusively for Homewise Homes. Patrick is a welder who began his artistic career at age 14 and sold his first bronze statue at age 16. As a Homewise Homes Artisan, he created custom designed house numbers for Tessera, a new Homewise Homes community in Santa Fe.

Working in metals, it was important to Patrick to be able to set up his workshop at home, with flexibility to work when it was convenient for him. With the help of his Homewise Realtor, Aaron, Patrick took his time looking at several houses before finding the one that felt like the right fit. When reflecting on that time, he remembers that, “at times it was hard to be patient and wait for that perfect place, and I even wondered if I would ever find it, but as soon as I walked into my home, I just felt that it was right.”

Today, Patrick treasures sharing his space with others and his home is rarely empty. From hosting friend’s birthday parties to impromptu jam sessions in his living room, Patrick feels like he is truly at home when he is sharing experiences with friends and loved ones. He has converted his garage into a working studio where he has the space to set up his metal working equipment and pursue his artistic career. Most of all, he feels the pride of ownership that comes from having a place he can truly call his own.

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