Gaining Back Her Independence

During her first moments in her own home she danced around in happiness, feeling as though it was a dream. It wasn’t a dream though — she finally had a home of her own and would never have to fear being homeless again. Angel now enjoys making repairs on her own, cooking in her new kitchen, and she even loves to clean.

Angel loved the Homebuyer Education class where she learned about what to expect as a home-owner, the loan process, and earnest money. As a result, she felt completely prepared when the time came to purchase her home. She even includes a little extra money along with her monthly payment to help pay the loan off early, as she learned in the Homebuyer Education class. “My heart is bursting with happiness!” 

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Homewise helps create successful homeowners and strengthen neighborhoods in New Mexico. We do this through our comprehensive real estate and lending services designed to support working families and individuals. We are a nonprofit lender, also known as a Community Development Finance Institution (CDFI).