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Angel, 5000th Homewise Homeownerenlarge

Imagine not having a place to call home. For Angel, not having a home became her reality after leaving an abusive relationship with nowhere to turn. Angel was living on disability and couldn’t find a rental that she could afford on her income. She started to lose hope until she found out about Homewise and heard that they offered down payment assistance. At that time she was living in her car and felt she had nothing to lose by giving it a try. She wanted her own home so she didn’t have to fear being homeless ever again. Angel knew she had good credit but didn’t think she would qualify to buy a home because she made so little money. After meeting with her Homewise Home Purchase Advisor, Sandy, and with the help of multiple down payment assistance programs, she was surprised to find that she actually could afford a home of her own.

Even with the assistance, however, Angel still faced the challenge of finding a house that she loved in a price range she could afford. She was happy to find out that Homewise offered all the services she needed to become a homeowner and felt she was in good hands with Ambrose, her Homewise Realtor. Angel felt like he was always looking out for her best interest and offered her great advice. Most of all, she was “grateful for his patience, especially because my home search took many months. Every morning I would wake up with my coffee in hand while looking at homes for sale online in hopes of finding the one.”

One day as she was scrolling, she became intrigued by a home she found online that she hadn’t seen before. Angel immediately jumped into her car and drove to the location to check it out. There was not even a ‘For Sale’ sign on the property yet but she immediately knew she wanted it. It was a cozy pueblo style home in a quiet neighborhood with a lovely yard. She called Ambrose while standing outside of the house and told him, “This is my house! I want it!” To her delight, the house was just as charming inside as it was outside. It needed some minor work, but Angel already decided she would do the work herself. She put an offer on the home, and before she knew it, she was a homeowner!

Moving in was the most exciting moment for her, and she recalled a similar experience from her childhood when her family moved into a new home. Back then, she had her own room with red carpet and walls that were adorned with Raggedy Ann wallpaper. She loved her bedroom so much that she never wanted to leave. She would sit and look out the window and sing with happiness. That feeling returned when she purchased her home, but on an even larger scale. “I felt like I won the lottery!” she said. During her first moments in her own home she danced around in happiness, feeling as though it was a dream. It wasn’t a dream though — she finally had a home of her own and would never have to fear being homeless again. Angel now enjoys making repairs on her own, cooking in her new kitchen, and she even loves to clean.

“I tell everyone about Homewise!” Angel said. She loved the Homebuyer Education class where she learned about what to expect as a home-owner, the loan process, and earnest money. As a result, she felt complelely prepared when the time came to pu

rchase her home. She even includes a little extra money along with her monthly payment to help pay the loan off early, as she learned in the Homebuyer Education class. “My heart is bursting with happiness!” she exclaimed, adding that there are many reasons to be grateful, but she is most grateful for having gained back her independence.

Angel, 5000th Homewise Homeowner


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