House or Wedding? For Chris and Erica, They Got Both

After their engagement, Chris and Erica made the decision to start building a future together in Albuquerque. Their plan was to focus on the wedding first, and in time settle into a house of their own. However, their priorities changed when a friend suggested they look into Homewise. Chris liked the idea of buying a house but did not think it was a realistic possibility. “We thought it wasn’t the right time to buy a house. With our wedding coming up we thought we couldn’t do it,” Chris explains.

One of their biggest concerns was paying for the wedding and a house within the same year. The concerns quickly began to fade after they were assigned to a Home Purchase Advisor. Chris says, “We were able to discover a more flexible option for purchasing a home. It gave us the opportunity to pay for a wedding and buy a house.”

The experience was also eye opening. Through the Homebuyer Education and Financial Fitness classes, and their one-on-one meetings with their advisor, Chris discovered helpful, general tips about how to make better financial decisions. “It helped me build a plan for what I needed to do [to buy a house] and brought awareness to things I needed to take care of.” Chris adds, “With the class that you take, you don’t feel like you’re reading a different language. You feel confident because you’ve been educated on the whole process.”

Soon after creating a plan to get themselves “buyer ready,” Chris and Erica were ready to buy a house! They began working with a Homewise realtor and quickly found the perfect home to grow their family. Within the blink of an eye, they were homeowners. “We were excited, nervous, and relieved all at the same time! But the biggest feeling of all,” Chris asserts, “was one of accomplishment.”

Today, Chris can be found meticulously taking care of his lawn and garden or enjoying a warm summer evening in the patio with his family. Upon reflecting on his homeownership journey, Chris shares a fond childhood memory from the home he grew up in. “Waking up on Christmas mornings with family and being able to enjoy the moment… I’m able to look back and remember home.” He hopes to create that same experience now for his children.

Their final thought – “If anyone ever felt like they couldn’t be a homeowner, they should come to Homewise.” Now that Chris and Erica have settled into their home, they can focus all their attention on the upcoming wedding.

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