Meet our 3,000th Homeowner

Annette reached her dream of Homeownership and achieved another milestone too. She was the 3000th person to become a homeowner with Homewise. Like many people, Annette was tired of paying rent every month for a place that was never going to be hers. As a single mom, it was important to her to establish stability for herself and her two daughters, ages 5 and 18, and have something concrete for them to call “home.”

Annette works long hours at Sam’s Club where she processes customer returns and does quite a bit of heavy lifting. Supporting a family of three means her budget is tight and opportunities for savings are in short supply. But Annette knew she needed to work on becoming financially ready to buy a home. That’s when she came to Homewise.

Annette and family, a Homewise homeowner

With the support of Alice, her Homewise Home Purchase Advisor, Annette worked diligently for just over a year on her financial action plan. She used a Homewise SaveSmart account to stay on track with a monthly savings plan so she would have the money needed for her down payment. While she saved, she also worked on reducing her debt and improving her credit. Annette wasn’t just working hard on her finances, she was also doing a great job at work and received a promotion which increased her monthly income and home purchasing power.

It wasn’t always easy, and she had to make some tough choices, but her commitment and dedication to her goal paid off. With her credit, debt, and savings in order, Annette began working with Aaron, her Homewise Realtor, and found a brand new home of her dreams in a great neighborhood.

When asked what becoming a homeowner meant to her, Annette said “It means being able to establish roots for myself and my children and call someplace home. It is our home that will be ours for many years to come.”

And if she could give one piece of advice to others considering buying a home? Annette would tell them: “Don’t wait. I started late, but that is fine too. I always wanted a home and now I have accomplished my goal. I worked hard to get here and my family and I couldn’t be happier. Get started now and your dream can come true too.”

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