At Homewise, we understand how important finding your first home is. We know how hard you have worked to become a homeowner and find that special place you call home. We also understand that life happens. Your family may outgrow your current home or downsize after your kids go off to college. That’s why we are still here to help throughout your homeowning stages. We know how meaningful it is to find a homeowner who will appreciate your home as much as you did. Because we work with many people seeking to buy their first home, we have a pipeline of buyer-ready clients looking for that special place to call home. What better way to share the gift of homeownership than to let Homewise help you upsize, downsize or relocate within New Mexico while also providing someone the opportunity to become a homeowner? Our incredible team of Homewise realtors can help you find the perfect buyer, so you can focus on finding your next house. “One of the primary goals of our listing program is to help create inventory for our Homewise customers. When you sell your home with Homewise, your old home helps our new buyers reach their dream of homeownership. We can help our sellers move on to a bigger and better version of their dream home or maybe a downsized version. It’s a win/win situation that is so wonderful to be a part of.” – Erin Bryant, Listing Team Manager Here are some other reasons to consider finding your next home with Homewise:
  • Homewise can help you sell your house faster. We have a client base of potential buyers who are financially ready and prepared to purchase a home.
  • We also offer a 1% reduction in realtor fees if Homewise represents the buyer and seller.
  • Our experienced Realtors® will guide you through each step of the home selling process.
If you are interested in working with Homewise to find your next house, reach out to us HERE >