Space to Run and Roam

Elmer the dog and Paws the cat each lived on the streets prior to becoming roommates five years ago. Elmer was adopted by his humans, Katie and Thomas, two years before they found Paws in an alleyway. Until recently they spent their adopted lives moving around from rented place to rented place and sharing small living spaces.

Although they were content with their humans, they both felt as though something was missing. Paws had a hard time adjusting to moving around all the time and lived mostly as an outdoor cat roaming the streets. Elmer never had enough space to run freely and roll around on the ground as he so pleased. Elmer wanted space to be free and Paws never had an indoor space to call his own.

One day their dreams became a reality. Their humans purchased a new home at a community called Homewise Homes at El Camino Crossing. They were thrilled to move in to such a large home and excited to learn that the days of moving around were finally over. This was their forever home. Elmer now has plenty of space to run around. He loves having a backyard and taking walks to the nearby park. He also loves the newly purchased, large couch in the living room and enjoys laying on it while looking out the window.

Paws enjoys the safety of being an indoor cat while still being able to wander around outdoors at his leisure. He’s found several favorite hiding places throughout his new home and feels much more relaxed.

Elmer and Paws are finally adjusting to living together and even enjoy each other’s company from time to time. They are grateful to Homewise and grateful to their humans for giving them their forever home.

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