There’s a new resident at Desert Sage! A 14 foot tall sculpture of a roadrunner stands in the Santa Fe community’s open space, surveying the landscape and the energy efficient homes being built nearby. The sculpture came about through a partnership between Homewise and local, famed sculptor Don Kennell. Kennell says, “We are thrilled to be collaborating with Homewise to bring ‘Neighborhood Roadrunner’ to life. We love to make roadrunners monumental. They are amazing creatures and admired in many cultures, not only for their speed, but also because of their beauty and bravery. They can kill and eat rattlesnakes. In some Native American tribes they are known to ward off evil spirits. Since their toes point in both directions, you never know which direction they are going based on their tracks. Whenever we see a roadrunner, we feel it is a lucky day.” The sculpture is made from two types of steel–one that will rust, and another that won’t. Over time the sculpture will develop more contrast as patina will develop on some parts of the piece while others will remain shiny and clean. Livable neighborhoods are not made that way simply by virtue of having nice houses. Desert Sage, located at Richards Road, just north of the I-25 overpass, features substantial green space, walking paths, and now a beautiful, monumental sculpture. Homewise believes that public art like this sculpture can add uniqueness to a community and invigorate a public space.