Cherished Family Home Is Better Than Ever Thanks To Grant Program

Isabel has lived in the same home in Albuquerque for over 52 years. It’s where she raised her five children, where all the neighborhood kids liked to hang out, and where she likes to make tortillas from scratch. Her cozy home is welcoming and vibrant, just like Isabel herself. From the family photos lovingly displayed on the walls to her grandmother’s antique dining table, her home reflects an abundance of warmth and personal history. Isabel supported her family working modest-income jobs, but now she is retired and lives with her son Michael and their two dogs.

While their house has been well maintained over the years, and even had a small addition done, it was in need of some work that would be costly, including a new roof. Isabel heard about a home improvement program from one of her children’s relatives and decided it was worth checking out. “It was an easy process,” she said, “all I did was make a phone call to Homewise.” Isabel found out that she qualified for the Albuquerque Home Preservation Grant Program which Homewise manages in partnership with the City of Albuquerque and Prosperity Works. Much to their relief, the grant money they received covered all the work that needed to be done.

Once they were ready to move forward with the improvements and repairs, Michael called the contractor. “He stopped by that same day, and before we knew it, people were coming by to provide estimates.” The contractor even worked them into his schedule sooner because of some electrical issues that needed immediate attention. “He was great,” stated Michael. “He was here every day making sure the work was getting done properly and to his specifications.” Isabel and Michael repeatedly mentioned how courteous and professional all the workers were, and how everyone pulled together to make sure that the work was completed in a timely and efficient manner.

The repairs included a new roof, electric box and tankless water heater. “Now I don’t have to run outside and reset the breakers any more,” Michael shared, “and we can take hot showers for as long as we want!” Isabel added that when the kids were growing up, her son Edward would get up at 4am so that he could take a hot shower. “He was the smart one!”

They were also able to update their swamp cooler with refrigerated air, just in time for the wave of extreme heat that gripped the Southwest this summer. “Now I even wear a sweater in the house,” Isabel said with a smile. Michael also appreciates how much quieter the new energy-efficient unit runs. Other improvements include repairs to the stucco, fixing a heating issue in the primary bathroom, and making a correction to the attic ventilation.

Isabel and Michael are so happy and grateful that they were able to have these important improvements made to their home. “Everyone involved in the program was very supportive and friendly,” Isabel commented. “Homewise really does want to help people take care of their homes.”

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